We are all ordinary people, gifted with the ability to create positive change, evolve, grow and do good. We all come from the same planet, surrounded by Mother Nature and her beauty. We are all different in our own way and we want to celebrate those differences and learn more about each other’s journey. These are our LOVE HEROES, people who are trying to make the world a better place one ordinary day at a time. We only have one life, so why not make it extraordinary. (All imagery by Jean Yushuo)


When we heard about Santiago, or as his friends call him "Santi" we knew straight away that he was a person doing extraordinary things on this planet. Santi’s ability to share his experiences and inner purpose to support individuals in the LGBTIQ+ community truly represents what it is to be a LOVE HERO. Santi has the insight and understanding on how it feels to be transitioning and helps those who are going through this period of their lives. His outreach program G(end)er Swap is physical manifestation of this journey G(end)er Swap is a UK based LGBTIQ+ clothing outreach and community interest organisation that supports trans and gender non-conforming individuals to access clothes and community support. It does this by hosting bespoke pop-ups, LGBTQ+ style workshops and exhibitions with style, makeup and wellness resources. G(end)er Swap is based in England and Wales but operates UK/EU wide and is currently shortlisted for The National Diversity Awards 2021! Congratulations Santi, we will continue to follow you on your journey! @santibabi @genderswap_



Is only 18 years old and stepping into his community as a Youth Ambassador for the EY Foundation. The EY Foundation supports and mentors’ young people through making formative life decisions and offers programs to increase their opportunities in life and career. Opeyemi’s role is to support young people who are facing significant barriers which may adversely affect their ability to enter the work force. He is also undergoing a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing and Management. We applauded your commitment to supporting your community and really enjoyed having you having you step into our LOVE HERO world. Maybe we should take a leaf out of Opey’s book and reach out or seek out someone to be mentored or to mentor, formally or informally to have someone to run your ideas by and confide in to build a brighter future through shared experiences. @ ope_245



We asked our LOVE HEROES to write a little about themselves and we connected with Laura’s journey, here is in her own words why she is a LOVE HERO. “I am extremely blessed to get to do work that I love and am beyond passionate about. I am an actress and facilitator; I have been using the arts as a form of rehabilitation for almost a decade. Both in the criminal justice system and outside of it. Giving opportunity and a voice to those that often haven't had one. The arts have acted as a platform for me to find myself and purpose and it's nothing short of a privilege to get to do that on a daily basis. I have since Co-Founded my own company Blank Cheque working with marginalized groups to offer creative support and experience. Our latest project called The Writer Inside was successfully funded by the arts council. I believe that a person. Can write their own script for stage as they can in life. After a year of incredible isolation and fear The Writer Inside aims to support mental health through the nurturing of creativity; providing access to creative space that encourages healing and the ability to work through trauma. Love to me is unapologetic, it’s the will to see the very best in someone. Judgement free love is happy love is owning your truth at all costs. Love is a free feeling and on that can never be measured but felt whole-heartedly. Hero to me is someone you can rely on no matter what is not afraid to share the truth with you. Tries above and beyond and never gives up. Someone that simply measures their success by their own standards.” @lauraasare blankcheque.org