We are committed to being as open as possible about our supply chain, making sure we know exactly how our sustainable garments are being made and by whom. We also want to demonstrate to others that there is a better way to do things. Truly believing in an open source attitude, we hope we can encourage other brands to learn with us and continue to change the industry’s best practices into sustainable ones. 

To achieve this level of traceability we use only suppliers we know to collect all documents and certificates that record the chain of custody to give our customers the clearest view of where the elements of our garments originate, where they are made and by whom. 

This process requires many resources to do properly, that is why we are working with RETRACED a cloud platform to control and approve all our supply chain processes so that you as a community member of LOVE HERO can rest assure that what we are making and saying is the real deal.



When you navigate through our product pages, you will see special icons on each page that indicate what specific raw materials and process have been used in the making of that garment, it will also show you a timeline of its journey from where the raw material was cultivated by the yarn supplier and then further up the chain to the finished garment factory.

For more information or if you are a brand wanting to be more transparent and blockchain your garments journey please visit RETRACED.