The system is broken and we are at a pivotal moment to "RE-START" with a new take on customer needs, communication and conscious products that impact our planet less.

LOVE HERO is a representation of an alternative fashion model with real values. Our DNA has been built on sustainable foundations with our planet as the first thought process in our design methods. We want to establish a mentality of "Buy for Life." Clothing you appreciate, connect with and pass on, so our planet can still be here for generations to come. Our design process starts with sustainability and circular approaches at its core foundations so we can do as much as we can to look after the planet we all live in while celebrating the good things we need to love more.

Our designs reflect confidence, we embrace colour and design for all types of people. Our lifestyle is global with a human connection at its core, it does not represent an unattainable reality, it celebrates real life and real people.

Marginalized people are often put in boxes. Diversity is true expression. We at LOVE HERO embrace diversity and with that, our clothing are not  targeted for one "type" of person, but for many. It's a lifestyle, its a community where we listen, we observe and we take action.

Together we can all make a difference for our future generations to come.