LOVE HERO encompasses a climate conscious approach to design, production, distribution and life.

Sustainability, Inclusivity, Innovation and Circular are the foundation pillars of our business. 



From the sourcing of our fabrics to the production of our garments we're always thinking of better practices to do right by the planet. Typical industry processes are about producing large collections multiple times a year, with most high street stores receiving injections of new styles every week! The supply chain for this type of model is unhealthy, countless samples for wholesaling and excessive production units. Our collective experiences within the industry have observed an unsustainable cycle:

  • Designers are under pressure to make large collections.
  • Multiple samples are created to sell garments wholesale, but not all garments are bought into creating a waste of resources.
  • Buyers predict based on data from previous seasons which draws focus to more commercial items with lower price points.
  • Coincidently this feeds the customers mentality to buy quantity not quality for quick fix which usually ends up in landfill at the end of a season.

Our vision is one of a leaner production method that produces capsule collections more frequently with not as many quantities which are sold directly to the customer. This will keep our offerings fresh and limit the amount of dead stock that could potentially arise with over production. This method also ensures our retail price remains accessible as there isn’t a 3rd party to pay, it’s just you and us baby! 

We also want to design with meaning, we believe that if you’re going to buy something that is valued it must have a story behind it, something more than just an item of clothing. It takes you on a journey with the designer and you're transported to that place when you wear the garment.




The welfare of our planet is always at the forefront of our decisions. We strive to be on the constant search of ways to help our planet, offset our effects and constantly innovate to keep our world healthy and alive.  Each part of the process has been looked at to make sure where we can implement sustainable solutions; from sourcing sustainable fibres, eco-friendly printing practices, compostable packing, biodegradable trims, production processes and shipping. There are always areas we can improve, as we grow we want to do more, we can do more to ensure we reduce our impact on the environment.

Photo by Markus Spiske



From educating our community to the growth of our business, we want to abide by all the definitions of sustainability. Through our communications we want to teach people what we've learned throughout this process, our successes and our challenges, together we can make better decisions. We want our business also to grow in a sustainable manner where we don't measure our success through industry "standards" of double-digit growth, but rather measure it on the impact we are making through the brand, our people and the planet. 

Sustainability is more than just about sustainable fabrics. It is also about the people who work in our supply chain, our team members and our community. How these people are treated and paid is very important to us. That is why we only work with certified and fair working condition suppliers and manufactures.



There are no stipulations on how to LOVE or to be a HERO. Society is in the process of unravelling a history of injustice, the Black Lives Matter movement has shone a light into the dark corners of life all over the world. We want to be a part of that change and to see one another with unconditional love and appreciation for diversity. Everyone can LOVE and be a HERO, and this is how we see the world and celebrate the extraordinary individuals within it.

The name LOVE HERO resonated with us to communicate this message, not only is it an expression of an individual’s path to inner acceptance to which we all tread, but we see it as also speaking to a community of how we intend to move forward together, united as LOVE HEROES.

 Join us in seeing the bigger picture, we are always looking for ordinary people doing extraordinary things to learn more about each other. If you know someone like this please let us know so we can share and celebrate their story with our community.




Finding new ways to be as sustainable as possible is a challenge we have set ourselves. We are continuously challenging ourselves and developing new practices so that we can create sustainable solutions at every stage of our journey and every stage of our products' lifecycle. 

Sustainability is multi-layered and there is no one quick fix solution. That is why our pursuit to work with the most innovative companies and methods is a core value within our brand. 

We also dream of a circular future where our products in whatever shape our form live endlessly in our product cycle. It is a journey we are currently on and one where we are learning every day to make happen.

Watch this space and see how we level up our innovation game!


Image Via Fulgar


Sustainability is a journey, not a destination. We believe that as a manufacturer of products we are responsible for what options our products have at the end of their lives. We strive to not contribute to the billions of tons of clothing that make it to landfill every year. In order to do that we must find ways to extend the life of our garments for as long as possible. When it is time to retire them, we must find a way for our customers to reintroduce them into our production process, transforming them into something new.
As a new brand we don't have many products circulating amongst our community, but once we start to accumulate merchandise within the product cycle, we hope to have enough to create secondary product streams to give our garments a chance at a second life. 


  • Designing products that can be recycled or have elements that biodegrade.

  • Allowing customers to send their preloved LOVE HERO garments back to us for a discount on their next purchase. Once the garment is in our possession it will be assessed and will be assigned another stage of life; design alteration, re-sell as preloved, rent is or break down the elements to be recycled.

  • Creating special items in our collection which are only available to rent, this means high price point items are not produced in large quantities which saves natural resources, reduces our footprint and helps us continue to generate productivity without over producing.

These are all ideas and processes that we will be working on continuously. For any more information on circularity, The Ellen MacArthur is a great source for knowledge and check out The Circular Economy Club for great open source discussions.