LOVE HERO is not just about the clothes for us. Clothes represent the freedom to express ourselves, connect with a community and a creative outlet for our souls as humans. We are privileged to have this opportunity and don’t take this responsibility lightly.

We want to create a community of like-minded LOVE HEROES, finding ways to give back to our neighbours near and far through charity work, call to action initiatives and seeking out real people to have real conversations.

We are just ordinary people trying to put our best foot forward, seeking out positive changes and growing as people with you by our side.

After our launch in July 2021 we will be looking for projects to give back to our community, if you are a charity or know of a project you think we can be a part of please contact us at

We have already started to connect with our first LOVE HEROES, extraordinary people supporting other through their work, so why don't you go see what they are doing.