Nature's Echo

Tuned out of the natural world, Voice lost in the noise of it all, Nature engulfs us forcing us to pay attention to the echo, a shout brought forth long ago

A way back to each other, A way back to ourselves,  Back to nature

Nature's Echo is a reflection of an emotional sensory when we reconnect to nature and its surroundings.  A dialogue not only visually but with powerful words that should make us reflect on how we treat not only mother nature but also our fellow people.  We need to reconnect with our world, our people and nature, this connectivity has been disconnected for too long and now is the time to find our way back. 

Welcome to our world, a world of love, a world where we are heroes to people and planet.

Photography: Michael Stuart-Daley Styling Mike Adler Hair : Diego Miranda  Makeup : Monnie Kaur & Aaron Zhang