Fashion has authority. Fashion is a trillion-dollar industry with massive cultural, economic, and even political power. In times of crisis, it's easy to ignore that power, to call it absurd, silly, tone-deaf, hypocrite, or non-essential. But our supply chains unite nations worldwide, our media gain masses of supporters everywhere, and our communicated language of creativity is universal. We are an industry overflowing with skills, talents, connections, and relationships. Those tools can continually enhance the energies of individuals around us – whether on a considerable scale or a personal one. Wherever you are today, don't turn your back, don't close your eyes.

There is nothing more destructive than feeling powerless. I am not a mother, but I can only guess this heart-wrenching emotion intensifies when your kids are at risk, and you have very little influence over the situation. The most challenging thing that has ever occurred to me is the feeling I would lose my mom. There is an outstanding book named 'A Mother's War', which got me to tears. The story explains the intense suffering when that holy bond between parent and kid is physically hurt. In their point, the mother and grandmother's fierce courage during the final days of World War II results in numerous joyous reunions. Mothering Sunday this year inspired Love Hero to join this raffle. My heart goes out to the people of Ukraine with the belief for as many positive reunions as possible. 

Love Hero is proud to cooperate with Ouroboros Jewellery towards the collaborative raffle of exceptionally great prizes. Everything is donated to the Ukrainian Red Cross and their beloved friend James Sainty, who journeys with British ex-special forces to support those the charity cannot reach. 



Author: Yelyzaveta Gran


Many friends of Ouroboros Jewellery donate over 40 incredible prizes, so please buy as many tickets as you can, spread the word or make a direction donation. 100% of the proceeds go to the Ukrainian Red Cross as one of the best charities. However, as an excellent alternative to the Ukraine Red Cross, you can find an urgent appeal led by friends and contributors to this raffle. 

James and Jamie are working with a team of British ex-special forces volunteers/friends who set up operations on both sides of the UKR/Polish border. They've been highly effective at filling the gaps NGOs like the Red Cross have been too slow or unable to supply. The team urgently needs funds for the following priority areas:

Anti-trafficking Policing

Sex trafficking by organised crime is sickeningly rampant, targeting women & children inside the UKR border and abducting them as they cross. The team is intervening at significant personal risk. Funding will go towards additional transport/workforce to disrupt gangs and document/report to/complement trafficking NGOs & authorities (the attached image shows some of the ten traffickers they disrupted, recorded & dispersed in the last 48 hours)

Medical Evacuations + Supplies

The team also supports under-equipped Ukrainian field hospitals that urgently need provision & safe delivery of necessary gear (defibrillators, Israeli bandages, C locks, solar generators etc.). There are critically ill/injured vulnerable children stuck at these field hospitals that need transporting back across the border. The team is addressing both challenges in long and dangerous round trips. James and Jamie are sourcing and transporting the essential aid directly to the team at the Ukrainian border in the coming weeks. 

All funds will go directly to the items above, as expressly requested by teams working on the front line. If we're lucky enough to have surplus funds, they'll be distributed to the NGOs deemed most effective on the border.  

For more information, and to donate: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/jamesandjamie-ukraine

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