To celebrate the inception of LOVE HERO we hosted a launch party in London to celebrate with our community and to show what our brand DNA is.  The event was an inside view of what LOVE HERO is about, its determination to create fashion with a sustainable mindset, reducing the impact on our planet and giving our community insight to our traceability technology in conjunction with Retraced

Hosted at CVP London, we transformed this creative space that usually displays the high tech cameras from ARRI to display our clothing and explain the ideas and innovations behind them. For LOVE HERO, working with industry experts in sustainable technology like KORNIT allows us to help push a more greener approach to design.

Part of LOVE HERO's ethos is about connecting with like minded industries and creatives to amplify the message of sustainability, allowing people to really see other industry disruptors on how they are making change to their industry. Part of this discussion was a panel of experts from diverse industries, who talked about how they are changing the way they do business to help reduce their footprint in the world with innovation and forward thinking solutions. These guest speakers where Tim from Avallen Spirits, Scott Walton from KORNIT, Julien Vaissieres from BATCH.WORKS and our sustainable entrepreneur and educator Katarina Rimarcikova.

Pictures by Fran Hales



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