Considering the impact on our planet does not mean just making sure our fabrics are organic. It's about every touch point of the garment, manufacturing process and components used in our garments. Therefore when choosing our trims we source and develop with leading sustainable companies to provide us with the best options available.

Even though sustainable materials exist in the marketplace, there are still many types of trims that do not have the same sustainability credentials as our fabrics, therefore we are constantly looking at new suppliers and technologies to improve our trim packs. Here are a few that made the cut!


Designed by LOVE HERO and 3D printed locally by in their East London Headquarters, our buckles are made from responsibly sourced sugarcane starch or recycled discarded plastic. This lean manufacturing process means we only make what we need for our garments. Want to know more about this manufacturing process, we are making accessories with too!


Corozo is a natural product with a consistency similar to hard resin. It also goes by the name Tagua or "vegetable ivory." Corozo is made up of microscopic tightly packed organic fibres which give it it’s remarkable durability and scratch resistance.  


YKK is taking big steps to contribute to an environmentally friendly society. The zippers we have chosen to use in our trousers are partially made from a plant-based material The natural raw component used is molasses, a byproduct in the manufacturing process of sugar. The production of GREENRISE™ zippers also reduces Co2 emissions associated with the production of petroleum base polymers by using 30% plant derived material.