LOVE HERO is excited to be partnering with Kornit Digital to lead the fashion industry in providing sustainable solutions to traditional fabric printing techniques. With sustainability a part of the core mission of each brand, both are striving to make a difference in how we produce and consume fashion. 

Kornit Digital’s waterless print solution is free of pre-treatments, steaming, washing and is driving sustainable change across multiple applications. Preserving the world’s resources is a responsibility that they take very seriously, in partnering with global clients they offer a clean, efficient solution that address the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Digital textile printing conserves water using inkjet technology. How? Ink is jetted directly onto the surface of the fabric – a new process that will revolutionise the traditional textile printing industry. Kornit Digital offers a new philosophy for textile printing – a simple one-step print solution that coats, prints and finishes the fabric in-line using patented technology and zero water waste. Minimal water is required for fabric pre-coating, printing and finishing – a seamless process saving precious resources. 

Check out some key styles made with the Kornit Digital printing technology.