Our Story

Love Hero

The LOVE HERO name brings together two words that unite our world and people. It is these words that carry a lot of passion and prosperity to all of us. It gives us hope, it allows us to forgive and it makes us feel safe. LOVE stands for Falling in LOVE without question. The LOVE of life. The LOVE of our planet and all that live on it. The LOVE for each other. Be the LOVE not the hate. HERO stands for... Be a HERO in everything you do. A HERO to your friends and family. A HERO to yourself and the world we live in. Be a protector, not a destroyer.

Our journey so far

Joshua, Tanja and Heather, Co-Founders of LOVE HERO were brought together as most origin stories are, by fate. Joshua had just moved to London to further his design career in the European market was walking down Brick Lane, across the street Heather saw Joshua recognising him as Tanja’s finacé who she knew had just arrived in town. Tanja and Heather were friends in Australia and bonded over the mutual affection for ruffles and fashion! Fast forward to 2020, Josh and Tanja living in London and Heather now in New York dreamed of a brand that infused their love of prints, colour, inclusivity and sustainability. Thinking there was a better way to produce clothing that didn’t cost the planet and could reflect the real people who live on it. Planet conscious clothing for ordinary people living extraordinary lives.

joshua scacheri

After years of working for global brands and retailers, Joshua Scacheri recognised that there was an alternative way of doing things that was less damaging to the planet. Joshua envisaged a mindset change and business model shift that didn’t have to compromise success in today’s industry. Identifying that some brands who wanted change didn’t want real change. Joshua took matters into his own hands and pursued the change he wanted to see, through LOVE HERO. Developing a brand whose DNA has a more conscious and sustainable approach embedded from within.

heather mcdonough

The art of making her own clothes has been passed down the generations from Heather’s Omi (Grandmother) to her Mother and now to her. Having children of her own has focused the Design & Innovation Director’s gaze, acknowledging the importance of change and being a part of a movement to consciously choose to design and produce clothing in a more sustainable framework is the source of her creativity. We are laying the stepping stones our children will tread shortly after our own and leaving the planet a little better than we found it has become an important aspect of not just the fashion industry, but in the connections we have with our neighbours and our communities far and wide.


Brand & Community Director Tanja has been working as a stylist and Brand manager for over 15 years. She has carved a career by helping people better understand how to shop, what suits their body shape and how to wear colours that work with their complexion. Over the past year during the pandemic Tanja felt that the industry was not giving back as much as she was giving to it. She wanted to pursue an alternative way of helping people that was not related to fashion. For the past year Tanja has put most of her focus on charitable work, helping underprivileged people who are about to go under the poverty line find work and educational resources. It is her way of giving back to society and helping her community.