When it came to designing our accessories, we knew we wanted to produce them in the leanest way possible. The ability to make our own products to order locally is very important to us, using only the materials required to produce with no waste of responsibly sourced biobased or recycled materials is a dream come true! 3D printing with Batch.works gives us this opportunity and the more we make the greener our process can become.

Batch.works has brought to life our designs from paper to 3D sketching, prototyping, production and once purchase your item is shipped directly to you from their East London Headquarters. The current collection is made from two materials and here is the nitty gritty on both.



Responsibly sourced biobased filament derived from sugarcane starch is 100% compostable under commercial conditions.



Sourced from leading recyclers based in the Netherlands this material can be recycled in the normal manner to be repurposed as recycled material again and again.


As with all our products, we want to you to LOVE them and can visualising a long and happy future together. If however you no longer feel attached to your item, please reach out to us and we would be happy to rehome it or guarantee it the correct end of life process. It has always been our plan to devise a circular solution for our LOVE HERO products once they are in circulation; rehoming, upcycling, recycling or lending platforms have all been considered, so watch this space and don’t hesitate to drop us a line at community@lovehero.co.