Sustainable Style: Embracing Up-cycled Accessories

In the realm of fashion, the magical finishing touches of accessories can transform any look from ordinary to exceptional. They may convey your individuality, accentuate your sense of style, and leave a lasting impact. However, the environment often suffers greatly due to the desire for fashionable accessories. The good news is that repurposed items are becoming more popular as sustainability has gained prominence in the fashion world.

 Your confidence surges when you like the way you appear. By enhancing your outfit with an additional dash of style and flare, accessories play a critical part in increasing your confidence. They serve as conversation starters, enabling you to interact with others and exhibit your own taste. Accessories may help you project confidence, whether it's with a stride in your favourite heels or the sparkle of a gorgeous watch on your wrist. And what better way to stand out from the crowd by wearing a one of a kind up-cycled accessory.

Product: Love Hero Up-cycled Scarf


The individuality of recycled items is what makes them beautiful. Each item tells a tale while showing the designer's creative vision and the materials used. Up-cycled items have a unique beauty that cannot be imitated, from purses fashioned from recycled leather coats to earrings constructed from discarded bicycle chains.

 Additionally, repurposed accessories provide a sustainable alternative to conventional manufacturing techniques, lowering the carbon impact and reducing waste in the fashion sector. Up-cycling reduces the need for resource-intensive manufacturing processes by extending the life cycle of materials, which reduces water use, energy use, and greenhouse gas emissions. At Love Hero, our rings, bangles, brooches and earrings are made at Batch.Works in the UK.

BATCH.WORKS creates 3D-printed products made from recycled packaging and responsibly sourced sugarcane starch; the material is 100% compostable under commercial conditions.

Product: Love Hero Scrunchies and Scarf 


The traditional "take, make, and dispose" philosophy of the fashion business has been shown to be harmful to the environment, causing waste, pollution, and the depletion of natural resources. Contrarily, sustainability emphasises the significance of minimising the planet's effect via the promotion of ethical manufacturing, waste reduction, and the adoption of novel solutions. Your style should not be responsible for harming the environment. Our scarves are made from LENZING™ ECOVERO™ branded viscose fibres certified with the globally renowned EU Ecolabel and made solely from regulated and controlled wood sources, using significantly less fossil energy and water than generic viscose. DIGITAL PRINTING technology developed by Kornit Digital Printing uses 95% less water and 50%-60% less energy. Our newly added accessories are the scrunchies and neck scarfs are born from waste fabric from our previous collections. These fabrics were too important and beautiful to throw away, so we decided to give them a fresh look. Holidays are a time for relaxation, exploration, and self-expression. And what better way to enhance your holiday style than by incorporating our sustainable and up-cycled accessories? Up-cycled accessories are excellent travel companions since they often use lightweight and portable materials. These items provide functionality without sacrificing aesthetics, whether it's our tote bag for your beach supplies or a multipurpose re-purposed scarf that can be used as a headband or sarong.


Product: Love Hero Scrunchies 

 The next time you're searching for a new accessory, think about looking into the realm of recycled clothing. You'll come across a veritable gold mine of one-of-a-kind, sustainable accessories that not only complement your own style but also work to make fashion more sustainable in the future. Let's work together to reinvent fashion and improve the environment, one accessory at a time.

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