The LOVE HERO ‘Second Layer’ Collection was inspired by the relationship artists have with the canvas they paint on. The first layer of material acts as a foundation to allow an artist to create their piece, this material can be used once or used several times with the layering process. Together, these mediums play a role to allow the artist to create their masterpieces.

Our process involved up-cycling items from our first collection ‘Natures Echo’ and evolving as many styles as we could into new stand-alone pieces. These methods were creative, but also commercially viable ready to be implemented with a on demand production method. This allowed the garments to have a second life in a forward-thinking circular approach to design and manufacturing.

Second Layer Collection

The redesign process involved looking at garments that could be transformed without creating new waste. Some of the garments have been separated to two new pieces, while trousers were sliced and tonal contrast panels added from left over fabric to create newness to a garment. To address the issue of waste within this process, the parts of the trousers that had been removed where then made into new styling accessory.

Our renewed tailoring styles on the other hand were printed directly to the garment (DTG) with the KORNIT MAX., zero water waste printing technology.

LOVE HERO continues to push and explore a more conscious approach to design and new ways of making clothes. SECOND LAYER was aimed to inspire and explore new sustainable ways so we can reduce the impact we are having on our environment AKA People & Planet.

Second Layer Collection

                                                                                               Images: Getty Images

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