Circular Economy with The Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Each year millions of tonnes of clothes are produced, worn, and thrown away. Every second, the equivalent of a rubbish truck load of clothes is burnt or buried in landfill. The fashion industry is one of the major contributors of plastic microfibres entering our oceans. To solve the problem, we must reinvent fashion itself.

We've created a vision for the fashion industry to redesign the way clothes are made and used. Our vision will require industry and government to work together. It will need significant investment, large-scale innovation, transparency, and traceability. But if we take these actions together and get started today, this new system can scale fast.

Our Creative Director Joshua Scacheri is currently doing the Circular Economy course to learn more about how we at Love Hero can become more circular and push the narrative to a wider audience on the importance of this new mindset.

For more information head to The Ellen MacArthur Foundation website

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