Behind the Print: Where Art Meets Technology and Nature

In the world of fashion, every garment tells a story, but some stories are more intriguing than others. Welcome to "Behind the Print," where we unveil the creative process and philosophy that breathe life into the fabrics of our collections. By prioritizing eco-friendly materials and ethical practices, we ensure that every creation embodies our commitment to a greener future.


The Second Layer: A Collaboration of Art 

Imagine if a child's brushstrokes could mingle with the artistic vision of a Creative Director. In our latest collection, this dream becomes a reality. Joshua, our Creative Director, joined forces with his seven-year-old daughter Noa to create what we affectionately call the 'Second Layer' prints. These prints are more than just patterns on fabric; they are a fusion of imagination and expertise.

Joshua's desire for authenticity led him to incorporate Noa's brushwork into the design. This unique collaboration was made possible through Kornit's innovative technology, which allowed for the integration of the youthful brushstrokes into the textile. The result? A textured surface that replicates the feeling of hand-painted art. It's a harmonious pollination of artistry and technology, demonstrating that beauty can emerge from the blend of generations and mediums.


The Dark Nature Print: A Tribute to Earth's Endless Beauty


Nature, our eternal muse, has inspired countless artists throughout history. In our Dark Nature Print, we pay homage to the profound beauty of the natural world. This print is a collage of original photographs and sourced imagery, capturing the textures and hidden wonders of the landscapes we explore. As you gaze upon this print, you'll discover intricate details, from the delicate veins of leaves to the secret world of insects. It's a reminder that even in the chaos of life, there is harmony and beauty waiting to be discovered.


The Artistry of Paint Stroke Kaftans


A canvas splattered with paint is a masterpiece open to interpretation. Our paint stroke kaftans emulate this essence of artistry, offering a one-of-a-kind experience. Each print is a unique abstract masterpiece, mirroring the fluid and unpredictable nature of paint strokes on canvas. These genderless kaftans are designed to fit all sizes and transform our people to become a walking work of art. They blur the line between fashion and art, inviting you to embrace your inner creative spirit.


Swirl Prints: Layers of Artistic Expression


Swirl prints in our collection draw inspiration from the artistic technique of layering paint over an existing canvas. This process breathes new life into the existing artwork, creating depth and complexity. Similarly, our swirl prints add a layer of depth and intrigue to your fashion choices.


We want to offer a glimpse into the fusion of art, technology, and nature that defines our latest collection. With a commitment to planet-conscious decisions, a celebration of nature's beauty, and a touch of artistic flair, we invite you to explore fashion that tells a unique and inspiring story.

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