A Summer Sundowner featuring the ‘Second Layer Upcycle Launch’

Love Hero presents an evening of fun, inclusivity and colour which took place at the 00 store, a carbon neutral pop-up store, the space has especially been designed to minimise the carbon footprint and environmental impact on a whole. The event took place for the ‘Second Layer’ Collection which was inspired by the relationship artists have with the canvas they paint on. The collection is a majority of abstract prints, bright summer tones, sunny playsuits and co-ord sets perfect for your summer getaway


The event through the evening was rather exciting and was one to look forward to for all those who attended. It started off with a sneak peek of the Second Layer Upcycle Collection and the guests had a chance to engage with the designers and other attendees such as social media influencers. There were pre-summer drinks by Ojo de Dios which is a brand of artisanal mezcal, a traditional Mexican distilled spirit and Two Keys serving as their impeccable mixers. 

A sustainability talk took place with the help of Cyd Connects which is a women led sustainability consultancy, assisting businesses to greater good. With Floward presenting awe-struck decor by their flower artistry and plant gifts for all our attendees, making sure the aesthetics were on point. 


Alongside we had dreamy vocals by Joanne Afriyie which left our guests amazed and entertained through the evening. The founders gave an introduction to the collection and its ethical process which was inspired by not having an end cycle to the collection, but rather a circular lifespan. The upcycle or restyle is all about rethinking the design and longevity of each piece from the collection. These garments have been upcycled from our previous collection.

Our capsule collection includes five core re-style designs: 

  1. Upcycled Split Jogger in Pink
  2.  T-shirt in white with paint stroke detail 
  3. Sleeveless gender neutral hoodie in Pink 
  4. Jogger Shorts in moss green with paint stroke 
  5. Sweatshirt cardigan in white with paint stroker collar 


To summarise, the event was a memorable and impactful experience for all those who attended, not only was it for the betterment of the planet but also brought in the vibes to kickstart summer in a different way by showcasing our new collection the event was an overall success. 

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